The Best Holiday Movies To Watch

November 12, 2020

Tis the Season to be jolly, which for us means dedicating a night per week glued to our couch with copious amounts of snacks while watching some classic holiday films. If this sounds like your idea of fun then keep reading to find out what films you should watch this holiday season to achieve that desirable heartwarming holiday feel. If you can manage to pace yourselves we have intentionally picked our top seven films as there are exactly seven weekends left until new years. Hey, with all this years has given us, why not focus on the good that we can use to get us through the rest of this year and celebrate the countdown to 2021.

p.s. — although not mentioned in our top seven films- I think you can all guess based on the photo with that very famous scene a christmas movie you can catch us watching this holiday season!


The Holiday

As soon as spooky season has concluded, it’s officially time to transition into celebrating the holidays and this is the first film I think of. This film starts out with two recently heartbroken women who decide last minute to exchange homes with each other for the holidays. The women do so in hopes to escape reality and more importantly, their romantic lives, during the holidays. But as the old adage goes, when these women are least expecting it they find love. This is a cute lighthearted film that still elicits much of that desirable fuzzy holiday feel. Not only is the storyline heartwarming, but the visuals and scenery alone are enough to get you in the holiday mood. The setting is split between sunny Southern California, with a glamorous mansion near what is presumed to be Hollywood, and a snowy small town in The English countryside, featuring a cozy remote cottage. So for those who are looking to escape into two very ideal settings to spend the holidays, then look no further.

Home Alone

Okay chances are you have seen this film, but it’s also possible you haven’t seen it in a long time! I would highly encourage you to watch it as this is one of the most famous and arguably most successful holiday films. No matter your age, this is the type of film that will make you smile and embrace your inner child with a sense of adventure, imagination, and creativity. This film hones in on these childlike traits as we watch a young Macaulay Culkin have to fend for himself against potential robbers after being accidentally left behind by his family during the holidays. 

The Family Stone

  This is the type of film that I appreciate during the holidays as it delves into the messiness and chaos that can ensue during large family gatherings. If you are looking for a warm sense of holiday spirit with a traditional, snowy Christmas filled with family meals, this movie delivers. Messy family dynamics are on full display as we watch what happens when a tight knit family with a few very judgmental members react to the introduction of their son’s significant other who is anything but easy to relate to. If anything this film will also allow you to appreciate that you will never have had a more awkward introduction to your in laws than Meredith did, or at least I hope!


Where are the singles at?! If you are a single millennial or even if you are recently wifed up but had a long journey to get there, surely you can appreciate a film that focuses on the single twenty something’s holiday experience with a family that is hyper focused on their relationship status, or lack thereof. This film is easy to relate to in its display of the self- pity and negativity we can often struggle with when we feel lonely during the holiday season. But this film does so in a comical way starring a very sarcastic protagonist, Emma Roberts. Watching Emma Roberts’ character gave me a new appreciation for Netflix rom com films and their ability to produce relatable characters with slightly dramatized experiences of the present day millennial dating scene. 

Sidenote: This is the film that we both agreed upon for our top holiday films, which if anything should indicate that this is the newest Netflix holiday film that should be on your watch list!!

Love Actually

This is the ultimate holiday rom-com! Featuring an ensemble cast, this movie follows several different love stories around the holidays. All of the characters and relationships are so unique, making it fun to watch over and over because I can never remember all of the details of each couple/relationship. It is such a heartwarming movie that will just bring a smile to your face. I recommend throwing this one on and winding down with a glass of wine.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

There is no movie that puts me in the Christmas spirit quite like this one. My sister and I always saved this one for Christmas Eve growing up! There are many versions of the Grinch story, but this one with Jim Carrey is my all-time favorite. Jim Carrey as the Grinch is hilarious and Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who is absolutely adorable. This is also a great movie for all ages — and even better with some Christmas cookies and hot chocolate!!

This Christmas

I feel like this movie is SO underrated, but it is one of my favorites! It kinda of reminds me of Family Stone in some ways – it’s a movie about a big family coming together for the holidays and all of the drama that ensues between them. It’s funny, heartwarming, and filled with lots of Christmas spirit! Also the soundtrack to the movie is perfect!