A Simple Gift Guide

November 19, 2020
Image of Two Holiday Decorative Coasters on a table

Tis’ the season to be #justliving jolly and not stressing about what to give your loved ones, am I right?! Well that’s what we are hoping for you all this season! So of course we took it upon ourselves to create a guide for this holiday season to give you a range of gift ideas. We came up with five items we feel are considerate, well-liked, things you can’t go wrong with, that are also suitable for all budgets. Having arranged these gifts in order from most affordable to most expensive, we hope you find this gift guide helpful so that this holiday season does not create any unneeded stress.

Five Simple Yet Thoughtful Gift Ideas:

1.) Candles. Yes, it really can be that simple. Gift giving season makes us buy into the false notion that the bigger the better, so often overlooking meaningful gifts due to their simplicity. Ultimately quality over quantity proves to be true when it comes to giving a considerate, thoughtful gift to a loved one. We have learned this year not to take anything for granted, even small simple pleasures. On top of that, most of us have come to fully embrace our own spaces having been confined to the walls of our own homes for months, which is why we can all appreciate a gift that will add to our home. Additionally, if you have someone who loves home décor and loves to practice meditation and yoga—there are meditative candles that not only smell phenomenal but they are visually pleasing coming in beautiful vases. A personal fav is from the meditation collection  from Northern Lights Candles. While this particular candle is pricier, although I believe worth it, there are more affordable candle options out there. I highly recommend shopping small in this case though to find a meaningful high quality candle and to support a local small businesses. Check out our guide to the best self care candles for more suggestions on high quality, lovely scented candles! 

Close Up of Farm + Sea Candle and flowers

Does your loved one always have a candle going when you visit them?! Then give them something you already know will be appreciated and put to good use by gifting them a high quality candle!

2.) Books. Again, don’t overlook simple gift ideas. A book is always a great gift whether your loved one is a book worm or someone who only reads on occasion. Chances are the book worm will be thrilled to not have to invest in their hundredth book purchase of this year and the occasional reader will be happy to not have to spend extra time hunting down a good read the next time they want to sit down and read for leisure. Really it’s a win for any type of person, who can be mad at a book?! The key is to look ahead and think of your loved ones interests and to research any new books coming out in the next few weeks to avoid mistakenly giving a book they have already read. Additionally, a book you personally read and loved is always a thoughtful gift! 

3.) Decor Calendar. This one is always great to gift at the holidays for the next upcoming year. I know this one to be a success among adults, being that my mother is very fond of her calendar she has up in her kitchen and her office space for decoration and for organizational purposes. She has a decorative calendar in the kitchen, one that while it can’t be used to write down appointment times and such (but let’s face it we use our phones for that) it is certainly helpful and cheerful to have a fun calendar celebrating each month with its own relative theme. This particular calendar that I’ve referenced above is called the Kate Libby 2021 Poster Calendar. There are so many options if you look around ahead of time and think about what your loved one’s style, interests and hobbies are, you will find something that will make them smile upon opening. Another thoughtful option, create a calendar with photos of you and your loved one! There are many online businesses that make this easy including Shutterfly and Vistaprint. 

4.) At Home Spa Kit AKA Self Care Kit. Put together your favorite products that you use to create the perfect gift for your loved one to enjoy a little spa day at home. Depending on your budget, this could include your favorite masks (Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Hydrogel Mask is a personal fav), a robe, face roller, nail polish, lotion, sprays, etc. There you have it, a very useful and creative gift. Let’s be honest, this year we’ve been forced to learn the importance of self care and at home pampering! 

Close Up Image of The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Hydrogel Mask and Facial Roller

We could all use self care kits after the year we have had!

5.) Ugg Slippers. While there are a variety of alternatives that would be more budget friendly, I highly suggest these because Ugg slippers are worth the investment. The Ugg Clog Slippers are the pair of slippers I can’t go without and are worn more than any other pair of shoes I own. Seriously, they are so comfy and nothing makes me happier than waking up and sliding my feet into a pair of these to fetch my morning coffee. Even prior to 2020, I would have highly recommended these to anyone in search of a pair of slippers but now with all the time spent at home, these are the only shoes you will likely need. Even if you are worried about giving something that the recipient already has, no need to worry because just like any shoe slippers eventually get worn down and a new pair is needed.