November Entertainment Recap: Movies, Books, Shows, Music

November 29, 2022

Are you looking for a new TV show, movie, book, or music this fall? Check out some of the best entertainment that’s come out this November.

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, I find myself spending more time indoors. This is especially true for me this year, as being pregnant has made me more of a homebody than ever before. 

Luckily, there have been tons of new movies, shows, books, and music to get into lately. 2022 has been such a good year for entertainment, especially since the last two years have been dull in that regard. So, if you’re looking for some new entertainment recommendations, here is what I’ve been into lately! 


The White Lotus Season 2

Season 2 of HBO Max’s The White Lotus recently premiered, and I have been OBSESSED. If you aren’t familiar with the social satire that had everyone talking last year, the show follows various guests and employees at a boujee resort as their lives intertwine over one week. Trust me, it doesn’t sound as juicy as it actually is, but you should definitely check it out. 


Dead To Me Season 3 

I love love love this show and have waited so long for the girls to be back together in the midst of all their chaos. This season picks up after Judy and Jen wake up in the hospital after being victims of a hit and run. Of course, that drama is not enough as their past still haunts them over the murder of Steve. I recommend going back to watch season two since it’s been a while, so you are well ready for all the drama. 


Sex Lives Of College Girls Season 2 

This is a must-watch. If you saw season one then there is little for me to fill you in to convince you to watch season two because I am sure you have been waiting for the girls to be back at Essex College and getting into lots of drama and steamy hookups. If you have yet to watch this series, this is a drama meets comedy by Mindy Kaling and it is a series that will leave you very happy to have watched. 


Selena Gomez: My Mind And Me

Whether or not you are a huge Selena fan, you should watch this documentary on mental health. This documentary shows the reality and the day-to-day struggles of dealing with mental illness. I give Selena Gomez so much credit and respect for opening up to the world about her deeply personal struggles and shedding light on this very important topic and showing us that no matter your background, how successful you are, or your privilege- mental health does not discriminate. 


Taylor Swift- Midnights

As for music, I have been listening to Taylor Swift’s latest album Midnights, on repeat lately. After a string of more mellow, folksy albums like Folklore and Evermore, Midnights feels more like old Taylor, and tracks like “Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled” have a very 1989-era feel IMO.


A Flicker In The Dark

Looking for a quick read that will quickly suck you in with lots of twists and turns?! Read this story about a woman who is tormented by her past, or rather her father’s past, who was found guilty of the murder and disappearance of multiple young girls. Nearly twenty years after her father is found guilty, a young patient of the woman goes missing and is later found dead. There are similarities between the recent murder and the ones that her father commit which makes her question everything. 

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