National Scarf Day | Cute Scarves on Amazon

September 27, 2022

In honor of National Scarf Day, I thought I’d go through some of the most stylish and affordable scarves I’ve had luck with on Amazon.


When it comes to accessorizing for fall, scarves are my go-to. A cute scarf can instantly elevate a look and add color and texture to a fall date outfit. My favorite kinds of scarves are slightly oversized and soft, and can even double as a blanket in a pinch!

In honor of National Scarf Day and the cooler weather, I thought I would share some of the cutest and most affordable scarves from Amazon! 


Soft Black Shawl – You can’t go wrong with Amazon’s choice for a classic black shawl! This will look elegant with any fall or winter fit. 


Warm Infinity Wrap – If you live in the Midwest or up north, this scarf is a MUST! You will not want to leave your house without a scarf and the best type is one with fuzzy warmth on the inside. 


Black Pashmina Scarf – Everyone needs a basic black scarf, and this one is super versatile. I like that it’s not too heavy but also not too thin, making it a great everyday scarf to keep nearby. (Pro-tip: I like to stock up on a couple of scarves like this and keep one in my apartment, one in my car, etc., so I’m never without!) 


Bridal Faux Fur Wrap – Any fall/winter brides to be out there?! Check out this cute faux fur shoulder wrap to wear in between pictures or any walks outdoors.


Vintage Oversized Scarf – This scarf immediately caught my eye because of how boho it looks. I’m obsessed with the colors and pattern, and also the warm fleece fabric. I can see this scarf working with a pair of jeans and a cream-colored chunky sweater. 


Boho Wrap – While this is more of a poncho, this is def an accessory that any boho lover could sport this early fall! 


Knit Infinity Scarf – Before you hate on infinity scarves, hear me out. This chunky knit infinity scarf looks very on-trend but still has the convenience factor of the infinity scarves we all loved back in the early 2010s. The cream-colored one is my fave, but there are so many other colors to choose from, so you might as well stock up on a few! 


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