What To Watch This September | Best TV Shows and Movies

September 28, 2022

After a hot summer, it looks like fall will have tons of new entertainment choices. Here are some of my favorite TV shows and movies from this month.


While the summer tends to be a little slow entertainment-wise, the fall season always seems to come with plenty of new movies and TV shows to watch. After a crazy summer of traveling abroad and getting engaged, I‘ve found time to fit in some self-care movies and entertainment while planning my upcoming wedding. So here are some of the best TV shows and movies that have absorbed my attention this past month.


What I’ve Watched This September (So Far): 


Tell Me Lies: As soon as I saw previews for this Hulu show, I knew I would be obsessed. It’s based on a book and follows the passionate relationship between Lucy and Stephen over eight years. It has all of the drama and tons of f-boy energy that will make you happy to not be dating in college anymore. 😉

Where To Watch: Hulu 


The Patient: This is one scary thriller series that will have lots of people talking, so if you are a thriller fan and happen to be a Steve Carrell fan, check out this series about a therapist who is held hostage by his former patient. 

Where To Watch: Hulu


Do Revenge: A high school revenge story that gives you late 80s/90s vibes. This movie reminded me of a less messed up and horrifying version of Heathers (because that type of movie would not fly today) with a mix of a mean girls-esque take. The outfits also reminded me of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, which drew me into this film even more! Between the aesthetics and a high school revenge story, there is lots of entertainment to be had in this Netflix original.  

Where To Watch: Netflix 


Devil In Ohio: This was a trippy, scary, spooky season series that got me fully in the mood for all things Fall. If you don’t mind being spooked and want a bingeworthy series, here is your September Netflix series to binge watch. 

Where To Watch: Netflix 


Don’t Worry Darling: I mean after all this publicity, I think its a film we all have wanted to see. I love any thriller/mystery so I found this so entertaining. Florence Pugh is a great actress as well as Chris Pine, making this a must-see for those looking for a night out at the movies this Fall. 

Where To Watch: In Theaters 


Love In The Villa: This is a very cute rom-com Netflix original that lots of adult women will enjoy vegging out on the couch for a night to watch. If you love a Hallmark/Lifetime film you’ll be sure to appreciate this romantic film about a recently heartbroken woman who meets a less than thrilled British (eye candy) man at a villa in Italy that they must share.  

Where To Watch: Netflix


What I Am Looking Forward to Watching:


The Greatest Beer Run Ever: As soon as this film comes out you better believe I will be watching it and it isn’t just because heartthrob Zac Efron is in it, but I actually got to be on set and in a few background scenes for this film (check out this picture of me from on set)! This movie is based on a true story about a twenty-something-year-old sneaking his way into the Vietnam War to deliver his friends beers.

Where To Watch: Apple TV on September 30


Hocus Pocus 2: Okay, I think we all can agree that remakes and sequels are hard to live up to but I can’t WAIT for this spooky season movie classic. The witches are back and I can’t wait to see them on screen, these are after all the most famous Hollywood witchy sisters that we 90s kids know. 

Where To Watch: Disney+ on September 30


The Good House: Finally, a film about the romantic lives of those who aren’t of childbearing age. I love when Hollywood chooses stories that go beyond just the twenty/thirty-something-year-old love stories. This film looks like a heartwarming flick for you and your mom/sisters to enjoy on a chill girl’s night out! Plus, any film that takes place in MA, I have to watch! 😉 

Where To Watch: In Theaters on September 30


Blonde: I have been a huge Ana de Armas fan since her famous film Knives Out (2019), and I can’t wait to see her star as Marilyn Monroe!

Where To Watch: Netflix