Favorite Eco- Friendly Totes, Phone Cases and Shoes

May 2, 2022
Image of a phone case

When it comes to accessories,  I like having just a few options to rotate through that pair well with lots of outfits and that are high quality.  In addition to the quality, I have been prioritizing finding everyday accessories that are eco-friendly to be more mindful of the environment and being the animal lover that I am- I look for accessories and totes that are vegan. I wanted to share some of these brands so that those out there that are looking for go to shoes and totes and even phone cases can feel good about purchasing recycled, vegan products:)

Eco Friendly Totes, Phone Cases And Shoes: 

Pixie Mood ToteImage of Maddie With Tote

This brand solely sells vegan totes and are focused on sustainability. These are high quality totes that are relatively affordable. There are so many cute styles but this particular tote that I found is excellent for that everyday tote that you can wear to work and then after work to grab drinks or go on a date.

Reebock ShoesImage of Reebock shoes

Okay so I love pink and purple and love the classic Reebock shoes so I had to purchase these but what made them even better of an investment is that they are recycled! I love Reebocks and found these eco-friendly shoes to be just as supportive if not more than my classics.

Casetify Customizable Recycled Phone Case

I wanted a customized phone case and one that matched my style a bit more (aka lavender phone case) and found casetify’s options great. They have a designated section to select from recycled phone cases which makes you feel better about purchasing this accessory. With a screen protector and this case with extra cushion and shock absorption on each of the corners, I feel like my phone is well taken care of in the occasional accidental phone drop.


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