My Girls Weekend in Sea Island/St. Simons

June 14, 2022

Are you looking for a fun girls’ weekend to Sea Island or St. Simons? Here are some must-see spots to visit with your friends and have a great weekend.

I ventured to Georgia this past weekend for a Memorial Day Weekend girls’ getaway.

While I am no stranger to the area of Sea Island/St. Simons, I hadn’t been able to visit since before the pandemic. It was so nice to get away, spend some time in the sun with my mom, sister, niece, and nephew, and spend the weekend relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. I even packed up some of my favorite affordable travel equipment to make the trip comfortable!

One of my favorite things about Sea Island/St. Simons is that it’s about an hour’s drive from more populated cities like Savannah and Jacksonville, making it super convenient to shoot over to another zip code for dinner and drinks!

If you’re planning on visiting the Sea Island/St. Simons area this summer, here were some of my favorite local spots to hang at and fun things to do during my trip!


Places to Shop in St. Simons Island

Redfern Village

This quaint little shopping center was the central point for my friends and I during our girls’ weekend. Redfern Village is home to amazing restaurants like Bubba Garcia’s (delish Mexican food) and Gnat’s Landing, but it also has some of the cutest boutiques for all ages, which was perfect for our girls trip.

St. Simons Island Pier Village

Head over to the pier for a beautiful dinner followed by a walk onto the pier. This village is not only perfect for a sunset dinner but it has awesome shopping, appropriate for any age.

Be sure to check out Meo’s Suite for more affordable and stylish clothes. I have always had luck finding cute summer tops at this boutique.


If you want to do a day of shopping with your besties, Mom, or sisters, head to TIBI. This store offers more dressy and fashionable work wear that is all high-quality. There are lots to choose from in this stylish store.


Places to Eat in St. Simons


This is a restaurant that we always order from while visiting. They have a wide variety to choose from, and it is always delish!

Sal’s Neighborhood Pizzeria

Looking to do a pizza night?! Order take-out from Sal’s and have a fun girls’ night in or pizza on the beach.

Southern Soul Barbeque

Some of the BEST barbeque you’ll find. Southern Soul is always packed and has a line waiting to pick up because it is just that good! Not only had this restaurant been on famous cooking shows, but it was regarded as the best smokehouse in the south, according to Southern Living.


What to Do in St. Simons

The Sea Island Resort

If you are visiting Sea Island and staying at the resorts, the beach club is where you will spend most of your time. Be sure to check out the activities that they offer. They offer everything from workout classes to paddle boarding to horseback riding.

This is truly a fun family/girls’ getaway. In the past, my sister, mom, and I have done the barre and Zumba fitness classes and followed our workouts with a restful spa day in the hot tubs. Be sure to try their smoothies to replenish after your workout, they are delish!


This was a new addition that I just experienced for the first time this Memorial Day. There was a range of ages from little kids to twenty-somethings on girls’ trips! Make sure to plan ahead and make a reservation and then eat at the restaurant right in front of the bowling alley. There is a bar and full service that is offered during your bowling time. I recommend eating at the restaurant for a casual, but delish meal.

The Lodge

In addition to the beach club, spa, fitness center and beaches, you can go to the Lodge for 7 p.m. to listen to the daily bagpipes.


I had a blast on my trip to St. Simons and it’s somewhere I recommend everyone visit who has the time. I also have some great travel budget tips to make your trip more affordable. Let me know some of your favorite spots in St. Simons or things to do on vacation!