Fun Snack Recipes: Easy No Bake Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Clusters

January 25, 2021
Chocolate Clusters with the recipe name written over them

This past week I posted a no bake, essentially two ingredient, pumpkin seed cluster recipe. Not sure recipe is really fair to use because this is the most simple snack that is basically just chocolate and pumpkin seeds, but alas I will call it a recipe as it may be a new way for some of you to snack with pumpkin seeds. The reason I came up with this snack is because pumpkin seeds are my all time favorite superfood. While I am not a nutritionist, I can certainly say from personal experience that pumpkin seeds have amazing benefits. I first started incorporating these into my everyday snacks when I was reading about foods with lots of protein, zinc, magnesium and other nutrients I felt like my meatless (not a vegan, just personally have never enjoyed the taste for whatever reason) eating habits so needed. Being the snacker that I am, I began adding these into my daily trail mixes. After a while I realized I really just liked the combo of the chocolate pieces and pumpkin seeds, which led to this little creation of mine. Its as simple as this:


Half a of a Chocolate Bar (I use Endangered Species Strong & Velvety Dark Chocolate)

1/2 Cup of Pumpkin Seeds

Sea Salt


In a bowl, microwave the chocolate for about a minute, until nearly melted

Mix the Chocolate until it is entirely liquid

Pour half a cup of pumpkin seeds into the chocolate and mix

With a spoon scoop the clusters onto a piece of parchment paper

Add sea salt to your liking

Let cool and enjoy!

Personal Reasons for Loving Pumpkin Seeds:

After having read about these nutrient dense superfood snacks, I started consuming these on the regular. After a nearly six months of adding these to my everyday eats, I began to find myself sleeping better thru the night, more energy, and clearer skin. Now could these all be pure coincidence? That is totally possible! But I am giving some credit to this superfood because I haven’t changed much else! So safe to say I will keep eating these on the reg and enjoying this yummy snack in the mean time!