Holiday Date Ideas

November 12, 2021

Right now, our brains are overloaded with holiday to-dos! While we know that there are a lot of family events that come along with the holidays that take over our thoughts regarding planning- we know that this time of the year presents a very romantic time for couples. So for those who barely have the capacity to plan outside of the holiday parties and gatherings they are hosting, let us share some of the cute holiday date ideas for you and your special someone to go on! So whether you and your special someone are going on a second date or have been together for two years- think about suggesting one of these date ideas that will allow the two of you to get active and creative or just experience something new and fun together this holiday season.

Holiday Date Ideas:

  1. Meet for a walk at a local park or on a nearby trail. If you have dogs, take them along and it can be a fun double date!
  2. Drive around looking at local light displays in neighborhoods. Grab your fav holiday drinks at your preferred coffee shop beforehand!
  3. Bake Christmas cookies together. If you are feeling creative- get holiday toppings and decorate them!
  4. Visit a local craft/farmers market and grab some Christmas treats.
  5. Volunteer together! Check out volunteermatch to find a great volunteer opportunity where they match your skills with the needs in your community. There are many charities that need more help during the holiday season.
  6. See a local orchestra’s holiday concert.
  7. Make your Christmas gift list together and then head out shopping, helping each other pick out great gifts for your list either at a local market or online. Either way, it’s more fun with a friend, and it can help you be more creative in your gift giving.
  8.  Go out for breakfast. Dinner is the norm as far as dates go, but wouldn’t it be fun to see them first thing in the morning and meet at a cute local diner that in our experiences tend to have some of the best holiday décor?!
  9. Grab some coffee and walk through the mall to check out the holiday decorations and window displays.
  10. Attend a Tree Lighting Display.
  11. Go to a Christmas Tree Farm! even if you don’t need a tree, it smells like Christmas and it’ll get you in the mood for Christmas.
  12.  Check out a local Christmas Festival.
  13. Watch your favorite Christmas movies together.
  14.  Make a gingerbread house together or make 2 and have a contest! Or if the two of you aren’t up for the process of making one- check to see if any bakeries have them ready to decorate!

Be kind to yourself this Christmas and have fun! These date ideas don’t just have to be for your dates though, you can do these for yourself or with your family or friends.

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