Beauty Hacks For Hair: An Affordable Alternative To The Dyson Dryer

August 6, 2021
Image of Dyson Dryer and Hair Products

If you are anything like me, then you know your area of beauty expertise is predominately in makeup and that a hair stylist is far from any title you would self proclaim! Usually, I am inclined to learn the latest beauty tips, tricks and hacks and experiment with makeup, leaving my hair to figure itself out and occasionally quick blow drying sesh to sort of style it! That was until recently, when I was spoiled by the Dyson dryer after borrowing it from a friend, and found it so easy and effective to get a good home version salon quality blow out in no more than ten minutes! After this, I began to wonder what my beginner level of expertise could do with a more effective styling tool than just my basic blow dryer that I had relied upon for majority of my life– which is when I stumbled upon this very effective and affordable styling tool– the Knot Dr. Dryer Brush!

The Knot Dr. Smoothing Dryer Brush Review

Image of Knot Dr

What is it: The Knot Dr. Smoothing Dryer Brush is made by Conair and can be found under their hot brushes and hot air brushes category on their site, which can be found here. This is a three in one brush that dry’s, style and and detangles your hair! This dryer comes in the form of a brush with the ability to detach the brush and have a smaller sized flat dryer. I bought this tool for $39.99 over this past spring!

My experience: For a beginner level hair stylist such as myself, this product has been perfect! I didn’t have very high expectations after being spoiled with the Dyson and knowing the huge difference in the cost and assuming that it would lead to drastically different end results, but I was wrong! I not only have been able to dry my hair but I have been able to style it in a way that I have had very little luck being able to do with the traditional blow driers that I had been using! For someone who has little skilled experience at hair styling, this has peaked my interest in learning techniques and trying out different styles to create a decent blowout look for a night out! Now with that being said, as someone with very thick hair, it has become noticeable the time it takes to fully dry my hair especially after using the Dyson. But with all that said, I still would take this one over the former dryers that I have had because this has upped my hair styling significantly which probably does end up saving me time at the end because while I am drying my hair I am styling it in addition!

How it compares to the Dyson: When it comes to drying time, there is no question- the Dyson is three times as fast if not more! So for those that are looking for efficiency – I can’t give you the most promising alternative. But as far as styling purposes go- I have honestly preferred the Knot Dr when it comes to the overall blowout and end result- so much so that I have missed my conair since being home. Of course, this comes from someone with beginner level expertise when it comes to styling so keep that in mind for those considering a tool for styling, but for the price difference I am impressed that the simple change in the style to a brush makes a world of difference.

Overall Concensus: To spare yourself the extra zero on the end, a 40 dollar hair styler like the Knot dr takes my personal vote! Of course being the beginner that I am, I lack skill to evaluate as someone without the need for assistance in achieving that home version salon blowout quality, but for those who could use the help, this is the perfect tool in helping you easily style your hair and in my personal opinion the Dyson still requires skill to get a styled hair blowout. With the only complaint being the time that it can take to just dry my hair, I personally still feel that this tool is the best option out there for those looking for an effective and affordable easy to use styling tool.