A Girl’s Day In St. Petersburg

April 13, 2022
image of maddie and sara in st pete

Having spent lots of time this past Fall in Tampa, I took quite a few days trips over the beautiful city of St. Petersburg (St. Pete). What I love about St Pete, is that it really has it all! Especially, when it comes to talking about girls trips or a girls day out- St Pete has beautiful beaches, a thriving art scene, baseball and of course wonderful food and drink options. If you plan to visit St Pete and want to learn more about events and venues check out this site. While St. Pete is totally different from places I have been to, I will say that parts of the downtown strip of St. Pete reminded me of a much smaller (way more chill) part of South Beach, Miami- due to the restaurants, bars and live music located on one strip along the beach. But aside from that, St. Pete is unlike other places I have visited and to be honest, if I wasn’t settled in Dallas, I would definitely consider this a spot to move to especially with lots of twenty something and thirty year olds relocating to this region making it a lively but still chill destination for young adults to visit (especially for a girls trip).

image of Don Cesar hotel

There are lots of instagrammable opportunities in St. Pete 😉


If you are planning a visit to the Tampa Bay area, I highly recommend October and March- May, when the temps are a bit more mild than summer. I already mentioned the art scene in St Pete, but I don’t want to forget to mention the instagram-worthy photo locations in St Pete. My favorite instagrammable locations in St Pete are The Don Cesar, a beautiful, old PINK hotel located on the beach. The Salvador Dali museum and the murals located throughout downtown.


Before planning your day, consider checking out the St. Petersburg website for more information and news.

A Day In St. Petersburg Florida:

After having taken many day trips to St. Pete with an occasional overnight- I have put together some of the best spots to check out in my experience for those spending just a day or a short weekend trip in St. Pete.

  • Don Cesar – I have stayed a few overnights in St. Pete and both times I stayed at the Don Cesar. Even if you don’t end up staying here, you can buy day passes or spa passes to get access to both heated pools and the beach. They have dining right by the beach and serve delicious food and drinks. The walk along the beach from Don Cesar along the rest of the strip is one of the prettiest scenic walks that I personally have taken. There are plenty of other hotels along this street that the Don Cesar is on that have beach access too.

    Image of St. Pete Beach

    St. Pete has some of the most beautiful beaches!

  • St. Pete Municipal Beach – As mentioned on the St. Pete website here, one of the main beaches is indeed the beach that the Don Cesar is located on. If you just want a beautiful beach to walk along definitely consider this white sand beautiful blue water beach front view. This has been the beach that I have spent the most time at and have found this strip of beach to have lots of lively bars along it for those looking for a beach to then grab drinks at.
  • Shandy Style Boutique – Whether you are on a solo trip or a girls trip- definitely check out Shandy Style Boutique in St. Pete. Its location is a little isolated but this was a lucky find during my last girls day trip out to St. Pete with my bestie and mom. All three of us found cute clothes to wear. They sell lots of different brands, lots of free people style types of clothing. This is perfect for really any style but particularly for boho babes and those who like those classic date night tops/ girls night out outfits.

    Head over to Beach Drive to enjoy wining and dining right near the waterfront 😉

  • Beach Drive – Head to Beach Drive to check out another popular scenic area of St. Pete. You can wine and dine while enjoying a view of the beach waterfront. This is the little strip that reminded me of a much much smaller low key area of south beach Miami strip along the beach.
  • Stillwaters Tavern – This was a delish restaurant with again excellent views. This is perfect for a lunch or dinner with a large selection of traditional American dishes and lots of tasty seafood!
  • Ceviche – Located just a few bars down from Stillwaters Tavern, this delish restaurants is known for tasty tapa’s!
  • Tryst – On Beach Drive you will come across this lounge where you can enjoy drinks, entertainment and delish food. The style of seating outdoors provides you will that relaxed beach feel comfort while still enjoying a classy night out.


These are just some of the cool spots St. Pete has to offer, for more beaches, restaurants and nightlife ideas- I would suggest checking out St. Pete’s website!

I would love to hear from any of y’all who have visited what some of your favorite spots were to visit?!


If you are interested in visiting St. Pete, check out my Tampa travel guide for a girls weekend