Ten of the Best TV Shows of 2022

December 28, 2022

If you haven’t been able to tell, I love a good binge-series! 2022 welcomed some great entertainment material to keep us entertained which is why I am doing a recap of the best TV shows that debuted this year, just in case you missed out. Here are some of my favorites and where to watch them. 


My Fav Shows of 2022


How I Met Your Father

Whether you were a How I Met Your Mother fan or not, this is a great sitcom to watch. I may be slightly biased since Hilary Duff stars in it (huge Lizzie McGuire fan here) but nonetheless, this will provide you with easy-to-watch lighthearted entertainment which is exactly what you want in a sitcom. 

Where to Watch: Hulu 


The Summer I Turned Pretty

Based on a book series, this is a cute and innocent (but still entertaining for adults) story about a young girl who finds herself caught in a summer romance with two brothers, both of whom she has been summer vacationing with since she was a child. 

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime



You’ll love this Apple TV series! it appeals to all with just enough comedy and drama to balance each other out, plus Maya Rudolph stars in it so you know it’s a good one. This series is about a woman who divorces her husband after nearly twenty years of marriage and finds herself uncertain of what to do with the billions and billions of dollars she receives in her divorce settlement.  She regains independence, awareness, and real relationships as she becomes involved in her charity that she had little to do with prior to the divorce  The funny moments come from watching Maya Rudolph as she tries to make real connections while still being out of touch with reality after living a lavish billionaire lifestyle. 

Where To Watch: Apple TV



A trippy mystery and drama that will have you guessing the entire time and maybe slightly confused but all the while entertained is this mystery drama series about two identical twins who have swapped lives. All is good until one twin goes missing. 

Where To Watch: Netflix 



After a nearly fatal incident, a woman is left with little to no memory of her life leading up to the incident. This becomes an even bigger problem when she begins to question those who are helping her in the aftermath of the incident. Who can she trust? Find out in this thriller/mystery series. 

Where To Watch: Apple TV


The Thing About Pam

Based on true events, this series that stood out to me this year was The Thing About Pam. Starring Renee Zellweger, this series tells the true story of a woman who murders her friend and tries to get away with it by framing the friend’s husband. 

Where To Watch: Hulu 


Inventing Anna

I mean how could you have not been made aware of this Netflix series this year?! One of the most talked about series in 2022, it follows the story of Anna Delvey who faked her way into a big-time NYC socialite circle and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way. 

Where To Watch: Netflix


Tell Me Lies

DEF my TOP drama series of 2022, Tell Me Lies is full of scandal and drama which makes a great binge-series in my opinion. This series follows Lucy, the main character, and her toxic relationship with TV’s biggest FBoy, Stephen, over the course of her freshman year of college. 

Where To Watch: Hulu 


The Watcher

Such a good thriller/mystery series that will keep you guessing the whole way through. This is a series loosely based on true events, which makes this series even creepier. Soon after a family moves into their dream house they are taunted by threatening letters and strange events that have them second-guessing whether this is their dream house or their house of horrors. 

Where To Watch: Netflix


Single Drunk Female

A very underrated series in my opinion. This is a story about a late twenty-something-year-old who finds herself in trouble with the law, unemployed and moving back to her home to live with her mom. Despite its premise, it has lots of funny moments due to the main character’s self-deprecation as she tries to turn her life back around and stay sober in the process. 

Where To Watch: Hulu