Seven Holiday Gifts For A New Relationship

November 24, 2021
Image of Christmas holiday decor

Whether you are single and dating around or entering a new relationship- it can be a challenge to do during the holidays (check out our post on being single during the holidays). It’s tough dating during the holidays and establishing a new relationship during this time can leave you full of questions. If you are entering a new relationship- you may find yourself wondering how you will celebrate the holidays- whether it’s too soon to celebrate with that special someone or not, whether you should buy them something special or not?! These are questions that we know we have run into and if you have dated around a bit you probably have run into this complicated situation too.
We want to help you out this season by giving you some gift ideas for your new boo! Let us help you check one item off the long list of stressful things you have to do for the holidays!
We hope these seven gift ideas will help keep you focused on the important things in the coming months: spending time with your loved ones and getting to know your new romantic interest. We recommend keeping the gift light hearted and inexpensive, since you don’t know where the relationship is headed at this point.

Seven Gifts For A New Relationship

  1. If they are a coffee drinker, a really funny mug, or maybe just a big one for those especially tough mornings, would be fun!
  2. A hot sauce making kit or whiskey making kit, if they’re into those kinds of things. This plays to your date’s interests, and is something that the two of you could do together on a date night!
  3. Put together a basket based on what you know that they like! If your date is into movies, put together a basket with some popcorn, their favorite candy, and their favorite alcohol. If they’re a book lover, make them a cute bookmark, buy some fuzzy socks and hot chocolate, and find a couple books that you think they’ll love, and that maybe you’ve already read, so you two can discuss them together after. These make great gifts because they are very personal, and also open the door for some great date nights in the future.
  4. Gift them a date night! Get on your computer and put together a super cute invitation that tells them the date, time, and content of the date that you have planned for the two of you. Maybe take them wine tasting, maybe plan an escape room for the two of you to do together, or maybe just take them out to a simple dinner. It will be a special night that you plan (and pay for), and a gift that the both of you will enjoy!
  5. Buy them a cologne that you love the smell of! This is a very nice but non-committal gift for them, and as an added bonus, they’ll show up to your next date night smelling lush! If you know their signature scent- you can always gift them that because who doesn’t need extra?!
  6. Put together a stocking! We loved them as kids and for some of us we still love seeing them Christmas morning (are we too old to admit to still having one of these?!) so why wouldn’t that someone special appreciate a stocking made from you? Put in their favorite candy, holiday candies, fun puzzles, funny game cards, everyday products they use and a gift card and you have a very thoughtful, useful fun holiday gift!
  7. Tickets to an event. Whether they are a basketball/hockey fan- check to see if there are affordable tickets shortly after the holidays. If they love to laugh (who doesn’t?!) check to see if any local comedians or comedy clubs have some performances coming up. The same can be said for musicians- checking out smaller more intimate venues provides for a fun date of dancing and singing the night away!
Whatever gift idea you choose for your new relationship- we hope you have fun celebrating the holidays with that someone special 🙂 

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