My Three Favorite Coffee Shops in Dallas

August 25, 2022

Dallas may not be known for its coffee, but that doesn’t mean there are not some excellent shops to check out. Read on for the best Dallas coffee shops.

I recently let you guys in on my new favorite morning drink: citrus, lemon, and honey tea. And while I still reach for this drink most mornings, I often find myself craving a midday cup of joe. 

Luckily for me, Dallas is FULL of amazing coffee shops to choose from. In fact, it’s not uncommon for me to visit a few different ones each week! 

Whether you live in Dallas or are visiting, here are some local coffee shops I’ve been vibing with lately.

Wild Detectives – This cafe/bookstore/bar/venue is one of the coolest coffee shops I have been to, period. Wild Detectives isn’t just a unique place for Dallas; this is a unique coffee shop amongst all coffee shops. You get a full-on bar that hosts trivia nights and movie nights and is a hot spot to grab drinks for a date or a chill night with friends. Most importantly, it’s a great place to grab a good cup of coffee and crank out some work.

La La Land Kind Cafe – There are a couple of locations, but the one located on Bell Ave is awesome and offers an affordable, bright, happy, and quiet spot to grab a good coffee and sit and get some work done. This is the type of cafe you want to support in Dallas because of its amazing mission to “normalize kindness.” On a scale of 1 to 10 for quiet to loud places to study and do work, this would earn a 1 as it is definitely a spot you would want to whisper to your study buddy.

Halcyon Cafe – Finally, Halcyon is another favorite of mine that happens to be located in Lower Greenville. This spot offers a wide selection of good food, delish cocktails, and comfy seating with an open concept and friendly atmosphere. This is the vibe for you if you’re looking for a spot to get work done and catch up with friends.