Halloween Costume Ideas for Solos, Squads, and Couples

October 12, 2022

Are you looking for a Halloween costume to stand out this year? Read more for some costume ideas if you’re planning on a solo, group, or couple’s costume.


With fall finally here, one of the best fall activities we look forward to all year is dressing up for Halloween. 

If you’re anything like me, you have probably been planning your Halloween costume for way longer than you’d like to admit. I mean, if you don’t plan far enough in advance, you run the risk of not having a costume and settling for a pair of cat ears and a black dress (been there, done that). 

To help you be on the safe side this year, I’ve been brainstorming different Halloween costume ideas that are sure to win you the Best Costume trophy at any party. And to sweeten the deal even more, I’ve included options if you’re riding solo, planning a group fit with your friends, or coupling up with your boo this year!


For You


Jennifer Check– The indie horror comedy Jennifer’s Body recently made a comeback on TikTok, with creators using Megan Fox’s character Jennifer’s iconic lines as soundbites in their videos. So if you’re looking for a costume that’s both scary AND sexy, throw on a dupe of her famous pink heart hoodie and a pair of tight jeans (bonus points if you don a long dark wig to resemble her even more!)


Forest Fairy– This is one of the most simple costumes to pull off while still looking beautiful and ethereal. If you don’t want to purchase a pre-made fairy costume, you could make do with a flouncy little dress or nightgown and doll yourself up with glitter, crystals, and fake moss; the more whimsical, the better. Then, all you need is a pair of wings, which you can find on Amazon (here are some cute ones I found in a ton of different colors), and you’re all set! 


For Your Squad 


The Plastics– Can you tell I’m obsessed with 2000s throwback costumes? If you have a girl group of four, dress up as each member of The Plastics from Mean Girls. You have two different options with this group costume idea. You can either sport miniskirts and heels for a classic Plastics look or dress up in sexy Santa outfits, a la the iconic Jingle Bell Rock performance from the movie.  


Powerpuff Girls– Going as the Powerpuff Girls is an adorable costume idea for a group of three, especially if you have one blonde, one brunette, and one redhead! These costumes are also super easy to DIY if you don’t feel like spending the money on a pre-made costume.  


It’s Britney, Bitch– For a super original group costume idea, have your friends dress as a different era of Britney Spears. Think “Baby, One More Time,” “I’m a Slave 4 U,” or “Toxic.”  


For You and Your “Boo”


Mr. and Mrs. Smith- If you really want to bring the heat this Halloween, dress up as Brad and Angelina’s iconic characters from Mr. and Mrs. Smith. This is another relatively simple costume, as all you’ll need is a sexy black dress with a slit, a pair of heels, and a couple of prop guns!


Chucky and Tiffany– If you and your man are horror movie fans, a Chucky and Tiffany couples costume would be hilariously scary. This is another costume you can definitely DIY (if you’re up for the challenge!). For Chucky, head to the thrift store and pick up a pair of overalls and a striped shirt. For Tiffany, any white lace dress and leather jacket will do. The rest is in the makeup, which you can learn to do by looking up a YouTube tutorial! 


Barbie and Ken– Ever since I heard they’re making a live-action Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie in the title role, I have been obsessed with the idea of a Barbie and Ken Halloween costume. As a natural brunette, the idea of being blonde for a day is super fun, and I definitely plan on talking my husband into dressing up as Ken with me, too!


What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Let me know in the comments, and DM me some photos!


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