Fun Drink Recipes: A Chocolate Coconut Collagen Fueled Coffee

July 30, 2021
Image of coffee next to breakfast meal and floral arrangement

Based on the title alone you may be wondering how in the world coffee with collagen is fun but let me assure you this is one tasty addition that you don’t want to miss out on trying! Primal Kitchen’s Chocolate Collagen Fuel Drink Mix has been my go to mix to add into my  morning coffee for the past year and when I say go to-  I mean pretty much every day a scoop of this delish mix is added to my coffee. Not only does this serve as a sweet addition to my coffee but it’s a mix that I can count on for a protein packed, 11 grams to be specific, collagen fueled drink to start my day off on a good note energized with whatever else I will be having for breakfast!

Check out their website to see more on this brand and its ingredients. I have tried a few of their other flavors and loved the vanilla flavor but the chocolate has become my go to fav!

Image of The Collagen Fuel Mix


  • Your choice of hot Coffee
  • Primal Kitchen Chocolate Collagen Fuel Drink Mix (you can find it here on their website)
  • Using one scoop (recommended serving size) add to your choice of hot coffee and mix until well blended