Gluten Free Halloween Desserts

October 30, 2021
Image of cake eyeballs

Although neither of us are allergic to gluten – we have enjoyed our fair share of gluten free sweet treats! For the two of us- Holiday gatherings and parties have presented us with the chance to taste test a newest recipe discovery of our friends/family that we may have otherwise never have thought to bake ourselves. Over time- we have come to find ourselves taking a liking to simple and fun recipes that have happened to be gluten free desserts! While there are so many we could go onto list, we figure we would give y’all some of the most delish and some of the easiest gluten free Halloween recipes that we have enjoyed over the years that we recommend y’all consider baking this weekend to fully enjoy spooky season and what’s left of it!

Gluten Free Halloween Recipes: 

Halloween Muddy Buddies Dessert Mix

Muddy buddies are practically in every snack aisle of any grocery store or your nearest cvs store. While it goes without saying that these are super delish, you may not have realized that these happen to be gluten free!  You can easily replicate these at home following this delish recipe from What’s Gabby Cooking and add in Reeses pieces and candy corns to give it that Halloween dessert twist or you can simply buy it from the store and mix in these candy toppings to give yourself a last minute sweet treat in no time.

Gluten Free Halloween Cupcakes

As we mentioned in our cupcake post– there is an amazing gluten free cake recipe by Mel’s Kitchen that can be easily tailored towards making a delish gluten free cupcakes! Decorate these with gluten free edible toppings like googly eyes to give yourself some Halloween decorative cupcakes to enjoy or serve at this holiday gathering.

Halloween Eyeball Cake Bites

What  screams spooky season more than some cake eyeballs?! These sure are spooky and for those wanting the most simple essentially no bake recipe- this is the perfect recipe for you with these Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Halloween Bites from Food Allergen P.I.. If you are gluten free I am sure that you have passed Enjoy Life Protein Balls in the grocery store– but you probably didn’t think about how these could be turned into some scary Halloween sweet treats.

Banana Ghost Popsicles 

For another simple dessert-turn banana’s into ghosts this spooky season by covering them in yogurt and adding raisins or gluten free chocolate chips as the eyes and freeze them. It’s as simple as that but makes for a delicious dessert to enjoy this weekend!  For Sara’s demo for this delish recipe- check it out on our instagram here!

We hope you enjoy these gluten free Halloween desserts- for more recipes check out our fun easy recipes here