Four Fun Easter Brunch Recipes Ideas

March 28, 2022
Image of Brunch dishes

Easter is coming up soon! I love celebrating Easter Sunday with my family. It’s a holiday we can enjoy without the pressure of gifts but that we can still celebrate with a feast!  With most all of  us in my family having major sweet tooths and with the nieces and nephew getting to start their day off with easter baskets full of candy, the easter brunch recipes that are most enjoyed are the sweet entrees and desserts! If any of y’all love celebrating this holiday with delish sweets, whether it be for your brunch entree or dessert, I am sharing some of the most delish and fun recipes to consider preparing this Easter Brunch 2022!

Since Easter and spring are synonymous, desserts for Easter typically have a very fresh feel. Colorful decorations adorn the dinner table and desserts usually include fruit like strawberries, peaches, lemon, apricots, blueberries, and raspberries, and feature bright colors like dyed cream cheese frosting and whipped cream. So, when you are tasked with bringing dessert this Easter, don’t overthink it! You got this and I am here to give y’all five delish sweet tooth approved fun easter brunch recipe ideas 🙂

Four Ideas For Fun Easter Brunch Recipes:

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread:

Check out this fun bread recipe for the best chocolate chip banana bread! If you want to switch it up, consider taking this recipe and pouring the ingredients into a pan to make chocolate chip banana muffins!


Adding in toppings like these types of Cadbury eggs to a vanilla cupcake makes for the perfect fun Easter brunch recipe idea!

Easter Vanilla Cupcakes With Cadbury Eggs: 

Who doesn’t love a vanilla cupcake?! Check out this recipe for the perfect vanilla cupcake by Sally’s Baking Addiction. To make it into a special east brunch fun recipe and dessert, decorate this cupcake by adding Cadbury mini eggs to the top and as an additional decoration top off the frosting with coconut flakes and then place the Cadbury egg on top!


Image of the raspberry cakeThe Perfect Lemon Raspberry Brunch Cake:

This is the most delish mouth watering cake to enjoy and it is perfect for complimenting a beautiful easter brunch table! This recipe was originally introduced as a mother’s day brunch cake recipe and while it is still the perfect mothers day brunch cake, it makes for the perfect spring brunch cake and an excellent option for your Easter Brunch 2022!


Image of the brunch saladEasy Brunch Salad Recipe:

Check out this delish brunch salad recipe that has been enjoyed by the fam for many spring brunch occasions! With strawberries this is the perfect fun, EASY, sweet but fresh entree for you to prepare for this Easter!




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