Dallas Guide: Three Underrated Date Night Spots In Dallas

October 4, 2022

Check out these date night spots for your next night out in Dallas.  


I made the move to Dallas, Texas in April 2021 and am still discovering all of its cool hidden gems. Dallas is hands down one of the coolest cities I’ve ever visited, and living here has been an amazing experience. There is never a shortage of new and fun things to do every night of the week, and as a native East Coaster who grew up with freezing cold winters, it has been nice not to have to deal with that. 

Since moving to Dallas, I have discovered tons of cool places and hidden little gems that are in my opinion very underrated amongst the top places to go for food. Since I love finding those underrated spots, I figured I would share some of my favorite date night spots In Dallas for those who may be new to the area and those who want to expand on their usual spots. Even if it isn’t for a date night, these are great places to add to your next girls trip to Dallas for a delish dining experience. Find out which spot to check out next based on what vibe you are looking for: 

For the Best Sushi in Dallas:

YutakaWhen people think of sushi they often think of the well-known spots like Nobu and Uchi and while those are amazing places, this is a unique place where you can be sure that you’ll have an intimate experience with incredible sushi!

For A Date Night Spot:

Lounge HereThis new restaurant located close to Lakewood is the perfect spot for your next date night. Between the food, cocktails and the aesthetic, this dining experience will bring you back for more future date nights.

For The Best Salads and Casual Date Nights:

Loro – Okay, so depending upon if you have lived in Dallas for a while this may not seem like a new suggestion but I still come across Dallas residents who have never heard of Loro and I have no idea how! This is a friendly spot with tons of bar seating options and outdoor seats with quick service and the salads are some of the best that I have ever had, hands down. The smoked salmon salad is something that I find myself craving daily.