Clean Beauty Review Of Amika: The Best Products To Try

January 5, 2023

As mentioned in my end-of-year clean beauty review, I was introduced to amika hair care products at the end of last year and quickly fell in love with their products. Not only does this clean beauty brand get it right when it comes to making hydrating products without the bad ingredients, it also has lovely scents, affordability (in comparison to other high-end hair care products) and adorable packaging, so it is a brand that is hard to pass up. 

With so many products targeting so many hair concerns, you may be wondering which ones to start with. Here are the ones that I have tried and have been loving so far! 


Amika Hair Care Products To Try 


Amika Normcore Shampoo & Conditioner 

This really gets your hair cleaned and smelling amazing! What else can you ask for, right?! In my situation, I have to use more of this product than anticipated but I also have VERY thick and long hair so that would be the case with most brands. Again, the scent is amazing! My biggest concern in addition to my hair care products being clean is that they don’t cause my sensitive skin to break out and so far so good when it comes to these products.


Amika The Wizard Detangling Primer

This is a necessity if you style with heat tools or live in the sunshine year-round. A couple of sprays of this and your hair stays nice and shiny! 


Amika Leave-In Conditioner

There is no wonder why the Sephora ratings rave about this particular Amika product! To add extra hydration while I am brushing my hair I use this product and it helps not only get any remaining knots out but it adds an extra boost of hydration which is great after a towel-drying sesh. 


Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask

I got a trial size of this and used it a few times and LOVED it so it is safe to say that I will be investing in the full size in the new year. This will help especially in the winter months when our hair can feel drier than usual by adding shine and locking in hydration. 

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