A Tall Girl’s Guide To Clothing: 36 Inch Tall Mavi Denim

August 27, 2021
Image Of Maddie in Mavi Jeans with A pink Background and lettering that reads just a tall girl's guide to clothing

So I was way too excited to wait to share this review and this news- alas, I have found LONG enough straight jeans that actually touch my feet and they are COMFY AF!  I felt like I had my version of that sisterhood of the traveling pants magical moment while trying these on for the first time, despite not having any “sisters” around to also experience the amazingness of this denim but that is why I quickly took to blogging about it and sharing it with all you tall girls out there! The timing of this find is also perfect, as we are nearing fall cooler weather where comfy straight denim will be much appreciated.  So without going over the top in my hype, Ill spare you and give you the details you need to know regarding this must consider tall girl find:

Mavi Kendro Indigo Supersoft Denim:

Image of Maddie Standing Outside Wearing Mavi Denim

No need to sacrifice length for comfort or style with these Mavi Straight Style Jeans!

Review:  This pair of Mavi denim truly are a six foot plus tall girls best friend as these actually reach the feet, which is typically a hard standard to reach!  I will be totally honest, I probably need a 37 inch ish inseam to truly get the full length effect where you can wear heels and/ or not worry about the possible shrink from a future wash. But nevertheless theses are a length that I feel great in and for the first time in a long time- I can wear a comfy, stylish and long enough pair of non skinny denim! Aside from the length, I just have to say first of all these are stylish and SO COMFY.  If there is a jean that you want to purchase that will transcend past current and near future styles (as you may know we are fans of these types of finds) this is that tall denim pair because this style is that true classic straight fit- avoiding bordering on the outcast skinny jeans but not enough significant flare.  As for the rise– these would be considered mid rise. As someone who has been used to very high waisted jeans, these felt a bit closer to low rise, at first, but considering what low rise in the early 2000’s was, these are definitely the more in the moderate mid rise- which again bodes well for these being the timeless pair of denim for the tall girl to hang onto throughout the years! As for the comfort and feel of these- they are made with such nice material that somehow it stretched with your body but it doesn’t lose shape and structure after hours of wearing and moving around- they still will flatter your beautiful self as they should! Also for those who are concerned with stretchy denim or denim in general Close Up of Mavi Denim Tagstretching out and losing shape- this is made of some magical material that while it will move with every movement and is not constricting whatsoever- it doesn’t lose its shape one bit — don’t know how Mavi did it but they really proved to be a tall comfy friendly denim brand!


Sizing: Personally, I would say that these are true to size! I noticed a tiny bit of room at the waist and upper part of the backside to the jeans but its not noticeable from a visual standpoint and the material seems to mold to your body so no foreseeable need for a belt/or to re-consider a smaller size. If you are in between sizes- you may want to consider the smaller of the two.


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