The Ten Best Episodes of Schitt’s Creek To Re-Watch

October 2, 2020
Picture of a Tv Playing Schitts Creek on it

If you are a Schitt’s Creek fan like myself and have already seen this amazing masterpiece of a show then you are probably left wanting more. While I sadly haven’t uncovered any lost episodes, I highly suggest re-watching the show from the beginning.  I can throw on any episode in random order and I am instantly reminded of the writer’s pure genius and transported out of any bad mood I may have been experiencing. I say all this because I have done this so many times throughout the summer. As a result, Schitt’s Creek has been bumped up to a show I often turn to as a coping skill, that’s how much I love this show and cast. One outcome of watching and then re-watching the series is that I’ve been able to reflect on some of the most memorable moments, one liners, and my favorite facial expressions from David in order to come up with a list of the ten episodes you can turn to when you need a pick-me-up.

  1. Carl’s Funeral (season 1, episode 9) While the title may seem too morbid to boost your mood, the idea of Johnny being put in the position of making a eulogy for Bob’s cousin who he had never even met(!!) is filled with laugh-out-loud moments.
  2. Bob’s Bagels (season 2, episode 5) Again, Johnny and Bob situations are always filled with lots of painful yet hilarious moments. In this episode, David tries to get a job working for someone he previously insulted and Moira struggles with a newfound maternal instinct she discovers for her adult daughter.
  3. Milk Money (season 2, episode 8) This episode really highlights the naïve, out-to-lunch perspective of Alexis. More so, the scene with Roland, Alexis and Johnny driving together in a truck followed by their run in with the authorities is a memorable and must re-watch moment of the series.
  4. Moira’s Nudes (season 2, episode 9) As you can guess by the title, Moira’s nudes are leaked and her reaction is nothing like you would expect, or maybe it is exactly what you’d expect from this character who never ceases to amaze us with her flare for theatrics and demand for attention. Nevermind watching David have a conversation with his mother about her nudes!
  5. Friends & Family (season 3, episode 12) I had to re-watch this one just to witness the two scenes displaying David’s reaction to his new customers at the opening of his shop.
  6. Grad Night (season 3, episode 13) This one is both funny and heartwarming as you see both siblings’ characters develop. Alexis graduates and David begins a relationship. And of course it wouldn’t be Schitt’s creek if it didn’t conclude with a hysterical mistaken message on a celebratory cake.
  7. Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose (season 4, episode 13) I enjoyed getting to see the eccentric Rose family in their old glamorous environment in contrast to their present Schitt’s Creek style Christmas. Also make sure to pay attention to the party to catch a glimpse of younger David—particularly him singing with his mother.
  8. A whisper of Desire (season 5, episode 7) Johnny, the rock of the family, almost seems to end up attracting the most awkward unwarranted interactions and this is one to watch as Ted introduces his newly single mother to Johnny.
  9. Roadkill (season 5, episode 10) Johnny manages to run over a cat on their way to a relaxing spa day and he wouldn’t be Johnny if he didn’t feel the guilt and need to let the owners known. No good deed goes unpunished as Johnny is left to console a very upset cat owner and her parents.
  10. Life is a Cabaret (season 5, episode 14) For all of you who appreciate Stevie as much as I do, this is a must watch. This is not only heartwarming to witness Moira become a maternal figure to Stevie but you get to see Stevie’s shining moment of the series, which is enough to make any viewer smile.