Tall Maternity Leggings

December 7, 2022

As you all know, now that I am pregnant, I am always in search of tall maternity clothing. I put together a list of a few tall girl maternity legging options that I love!

As you all know, I am always in search of tall clothing and now that I am pregnant, I am also looking for tall maternity clothing. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is still severely lacking when it comes to representation of all body types, especially when it comes to tall moms-to-be. So while there isn’t a ton out there,  I put together a list of the few tall girl maternity legging options offered to us along with my personal favs that may not be technically maternity wear but have been getting me through my second trimester bump with twins! 


Tall Maternity Leggings


Lululemon Align Pants 

These technically aren’t maternity but they work amazingly for us moms-to-be. These high-waisted leggings do not dig up top making them easy to sport with a growing bump. The legging is usually quite long enough to be worn with your cutest winter boots. 

ASOS Tall Maternity Leggings 

I have been loving the ASOS tall section lately and am so happy they offer a few options for tall maternity wear. 

Yogipace Tall Leggings 

Here’s another pair to get the tallest of ladies through the early stages of pregnancy. The high waist is perfect for smaller bumps and a good transition for when your jeans are too tight but you need to keep your legs fully warm. 

YOGTID Buttery Soft Leggings 

These are a Lulu dupe that are far more affordable and come with raving reviews, plus they are the same inseam as the tall Lulus! The flexibility of the high-stretch waist makes them perf for second trimester bumps.

Long Tall Sally Stretch Leggings 

There’s a two-for-one deal on these extra-long leggings and as any fellow tall girl knows, Long Tall Sally always comes through on its promise to make extra-long clothes! 

Amazon Essentials Maternity Leggings 

All the reviews rave about these leggings and fortunately, fellow tall girls (around six feet) have approved of these leggings making them a tall girl friendly option! 


If you are looking for more tall girl maternity wear, check out this list of tall girl friendly jeans


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