Single All The Way And Other Netflix Movies To Watch This Holiday

December 9, 2021
Image of Single All The Way on The Tv with a red holiday backdrop

While you can find our top ten Christmas holiday movies to stream on a variety of platforms, we  (like most everyone else) tend to gravitate towards streaming our content from the one and only Netflix! So when it comes to Netflix originals, especially during the Holidays, we are quick to check out the newest releases! Being that we keep up to date- we figure its best to use our tv time to report back to y’all and give you the binge worthy content- because after all it is a crazy busy time of the year and your down time should be spent watching something worthy of that special time. There is so much entertainment on Netflix, which is what most of us appreciate, but it can sometimes make the process of what to actually watch a bit time consuming so with that being said- we are sharing the five holiday movies that are perfect for getting you into the holiday spirit and fill you with laughs to keep you entertained for ninety minutes or so!

Five Netflix Holiday Films To Watch This Season: 

  1. Single All The Way – One of the newest Netflix films and one of the best holiday films- this recent release really outdid our expectations! This story is about a single guy who is headed home for the holidays and brings his best friend/roommate along in hopes that it will draw attention away from his single status, a status that his family is fixated on. While the two proclaim to just be best of friends- they begin to question if there is more to than just a friendship. This is filled with lots of LOL moments and just a genuinely cute love story. 
  2. The Holidate- As we’ve mentioned in our ten of the best Christmas movies to watch  top ten Christmas movies to stream- this is a great one if you are   a single millennial or even if you are recently wifed up but had a long journey to get there, surely you can appreciate a film that focuses on the single twenty something’s holiday experience with a family that is hyper focused on their relationship status, or lack thereof. This film is easy to relate to in its display of the self- pity and negativity we can often struggle with when we feel lonely during the holiday season. But this film does so in a comical way starring a very sarcastic protagonist, Emma Roberts. Watching Emma Roberts’ character gave me a new appreciation for Netflix rom com films and their ability to produce relatable characters with slightly dramatized experiences of the present day millennial dating scene.
  3. Father Christmas Is Back- If you love all things British- then watch this Netflix original. I loveeee movies about messy family dynamics especially one’s centered around the entire family coming together for the holidays living under one roof (like The Family Stone). While in this case, the family is basically spread out under one roof of a countryside English castle, they still find chaos ensuing due to the vastly different personalities of each sibling and when they receive the most unexpected guest at their holiday- their father who left them as young children on Christmas day. What makes this family particularly interesting to watch, in our opinion, are the vastly different personalities of each of the four sisters in this family. Watching four adult sisters come together who could not be more opposites is not just funny but relatable as you watch that whole reverting to childlike behavior patterns when a family gets together proven to be so obviously true. 
  4. Midnight At The Magnolia – This is such an underrated Netflix holiday film. If you do a quick google search chances are you won’t come across this one which doesn’t make much sense because this film is definitely better quality than some of the films heavily promoted. But nevertheless- this is a fun cute holiday romance about two radio co-hosts/long time family friends who are total opposites but both find themselves single right before the holidays. In hopes that they will gain more attention as co-hosts who also happen to be dating- they fake a relationship just in time for the Holidays – which not only entails faking it for their audience but their families too! Not only does this holiday romance give you those warmhearted holiday feels but the scenery and setting will make you happy to be spending the night in curled up on the couch with a warm fuzzy blanket sipping on some hot chocolate. So sit back and relax and watch this very unlikely couple try to pull of the holidays! 
  5. Love Hard – Another new holiday Netflix film that exceeded our expectations. This one is such a modern romantic  holiday movie-  the main character (played by Nina Dobrev) is a writer in LA who has made a career out of sharing her the details of her romantic life – which mostly consists of swiping away on the dating apps trying to find the one! After extending her search results to other states- she finds herself the perfect match. After weeks of messaging she decides to be spontaneous and surprise her virtual boyfriend with a visit for the holidays. Watch as chaos ensues when Nina Dobrev’s character quickly finds herself in the midst of a catfish. 

We hope you enjoy these Netflix Holiday movies as much as we did! For more movies recommendations and tv shows check out our entertainment section here