Fun And Thoughtful Long Distance Birthday Celebrations

March 21, 2022
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While most of us have gotten used to getting creative with virtual celebrations over the past few years due to the pandemic, it can still be a challenge trying to figure out how you can celebrate someone on their special day when you simply can not be present to celebrate.  For a lot of us twenty somethings, especially having grown up with social media, we feel like birthday celebrations are all about the parties, the pre-games, the brunches which of course all require people to be in person to celebrate on that special day!  While I am still picking up on the different ways to celebrate from afar, I have had my fair share of long distance birthday celebrations, having lots of loved ones spread out throughout the country, which has given me some insight into different, creative, fun and most importantly thoughtful ways to make sure that loved one feels celebrated on their special day and wanted to share some of these ideas with y’all!

Fun And Thoughtful Long Distance Birthday Celebrations:

  • If your loved one/bestie loves sweets, consider sending them a bday cake or a bday box of sweets from none other than the delish Milk Bar where you can order from a large selection of sweets to send directly to the bday girl or boys home! I have done it multiple times and not only is it appreciated but it has been such a simple process!
  • Send Flowers! Who doesn’t love flowers?! And who wouldn’t appreciate receiving a beautiful floral arrangement delivery on their special day?! As basic as it may seem, it will be well received and a great way to show you are thinking of your friend on their special day!
  • Send a bottle of champagne to your besties/ relatives bday brunch/ dinner party! Get the details on where the birthday girl or guy is going to celebrate in person and call ahead to send to arrange for a bottle of champagne to be delivered during the celebration with a fun little note. This will be an unexpected thoughtful and of course fun surprise for your bestie to receive on their special day!
  • On the contrast to sending over an additional bottle of champagne during the bday dinner or brunch, consider ordering from their favorite restaurant and delivering it to them the night before their bday or for lunch to make them smile extra during their bday week!
  • Edible Arrangements! This has been around for forever and was so appreciated back in college when I couldn’t celebrate with the fam in person, I loved receiving one of these! Plus they offer same day delivery for any last minute bday shoppers!
  • Check out Party City to see if you can do a same day delivery of balloons and fun birthday celebrations to the bday girl/boys home! Nothing says bday celebration like some balloons!
  • Facetime! If your besties love language is quality time and you can’t be in person to celebrate you can always set up a Facetime during their bday week to talk and catch up for some quality bonding time!
  • Of course, you can always order a thoughtful gift and have it be sent directly to your loved ones home just in time for them to open on the eve of their bday so that they feel all that extra love heading into their special day!

What are some of the fun and thoughtful ways you have celebrated a loved ones birthday from a distance?! I would love to hear from you!

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