Five Ideas For Thank You Gifts For Bridesmaids

October 25, 2022

Are you looking for ways to thank your bridal party? Whether you are working with a budget or scrambling for last-minute ideas, here are some helpful ideas and links! 

With all the things on your mind and that endless checklist of to-do’s before your wedding day, it can be easy to let the thank-you gifts for your bridesmaids slip your mind. I know firsthand, especially when dealing with a short engagement, that it is very easy to leave this to-do until the last minute and not because you don’t care but because there are a trillion things to do in the weeks leading up to the wedding

So for brides-to-be, let me take that burden off of you and suggest some awesome thank-you gifts that your bridesmaids are sure to love! From affordable Amazon finds to self-care boxes, these are five great options to offer your appreciation for your bridal party. 


Knack Shops

When searching around for gift boxes, this was the best that I found that allows you to curate your own gift box. Other sites offered a customizable box but there was a limit on items and for each category to add, which I found to be far too limiting, especially when trying to find a spa-oriented thank-you gift for my MOH! 


Kendra Scott Jewelry

Who doesn’t love Kendra Scott for women’s fashion jewelry?! There’s a reason you see this brand everywhere: it offers stylish, elegant, decently affordable jewelry that is durable! Why not gift your bridesmaids their earrings/necklace/jewelry for the wedding and go for a design that they could re-wear on a dinner date out? Check out these stud earrings that come in a variety of colors giving you options to work with any wedding colors! 


Anthropologie Pajama Pants

This was a great gift idea that my sister-in-law did for her bridal party. Being a very tall girl I can say that these are pretty generous in their length, but what is more important is that these offer size-inclusive options that are comfy AF. You can gift these the day before and tell your bridal party to wear them on the morning of the wedding for matching PJ pics or you can just gift them the pair!


Personalized Spa Gift Box

A great Amazon find that you can gift to your party and personalize with their names! Gift these boxes with a picture frame and photo of the two of you with a thank you card and your bridesmaid will feel special and appreciated! 


Personalized Jewelry Box

Who couldn’t use a personalized jewelry box?!  If your bridesmaids love their jewelry, then they will love this personalized gift to add to their vanities! 


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