Christmas Cards and Cute Holiday Gift Wrapping Items

December 9, 2022

Looking for some festive ideas to spice up your gifts? Check out these cute Christmas finds!  

Did you know December 9th is Christmas Card Day? If you are like me, every year I seem to leave Christmas cards and holiday gift wrapping for the last minute which means that I end up spending hours in the nearest Target dealing with long lines and the minimal selection that is left. This year, though, I am trying to be a bit more proactive and order these things ahead of time to be better prepared. Plus, the last thing I want to do is to spend time during the holidays stuck in stores when I can spend it with the family. 

So here are some affordable Amazon finds for cute holiday ideas to bring you and your loved ones holiday cheer! 


Holiday Gift Cards

Modern Christmas Card Sets – These are cute, simple and sweet: perfect for the holidays! 

Hallmark Funny Cards – I don’t know about y’all but my family members love a funny card. Why not stock up ahead of time with these Hallmark Christmas-themed cards that will make them LOL? 

Happy Holiday Cards – These are so cute and offer a well-rounded selection for different family members. You can’t go wrong whether it’s a card for your niece or your grandparent! 


Wrapping Paper and Essentials

Recyclable Wrapping Paper – Try this more eco-friendly gift wrapping paper along with the stickers to get you fully prepped for the holidays. 

Gift Bags – These are so cute and unique and I love that you can customize them with a little message on the front/eliminate the need for a sticker tag. Definitely adding these to my cart!

Wine Gift Bags – Let’s face it, gifting wine is always a good go-to for holiday parties, distant friends, gift grabs, etc. so why not have a stash of wine gift bags at home?! These are not just for Christmas but perf for Valentine’s Day/Galentine’s Day and the rest of the holidays.

American Greeting Christmas Wrapping Essentials – I remember past Christmas doing gift wrapping for my mom and needing dozens of these labels. Luckily you can stock up on these ahead of time with this bulk order with bows and more. 

Sushi Wrapping Paper – While this isn’t necessarily Christmas-themed, I could not get over how cute this sushi wrapping paper is. I added it to my cart to use for wrapping Christmas gifts, but I definitely plan on using it year-round!


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