Best Eyebrow Pens And Gels For Under Twenty

August 31, 2021
Close Up of Eyebrow Gels and Pens

With eyebrows being all the craze, there are many permanent, semi- permanent and everyday makeup products out there to choose from to best achieve those brows that will best shape our faces!  If you have read our prior posts, you know we are all about those simple, sensitive and easy to use products to highlight our natural features- which makes us big fans of the third category, the everyday brow products, to enhance the brows! While I (Maddie) would have so appreciated those permanent solutions to solve and save me time for my barely- there -brows that I had back in my stress pulling and plucking days, I have never been able to try out those long term solutions as I and most of you know, that beauty trends come and go and while I hope we don’t see the return of those scary thin early 2000’s brows, you can never say never. So alas, I have become well aware of what is out there for the everyday solutions to fill in those sparse brows and over time I have found myself sticking to a few pens and gels that have done wonders! There are so many makeup brands which means there are so many eyebrow products out there, with companies pushing them left and right- so to save you some time and money- consider these affordable, under twenty brow essentials to shape and frame your beautiful face!

Maddie’s Favorite Eyebrow Products Under Twenty: 

Ultimately Brow Micro Brow Pencil By Wet N Wild

For just $4.49- this is bang for your buck. If you mostly need help with your shape or you are a newbie to shaping brows- I highly recommend this product because the thin tip makes putting and shaping those brows pretty effortless and real easy! If you are worried about having those overdrawn, obviously filled in brows that can sometime occur for the beginner- this is the best pencil out there for you! I ditched turning to expensive brands after discovering this pencil because it did all the same for what is quite honestly the most affordable on the market at big makeup stores and even at your nearest drug store! Plus this has a spoolie which makes for the application process to be much smoother — knowing that if you put a little too much liner – you can brush it out or brush it in to blend for au natural look! To find out more, check it out here!

Volumizing Fiber Brow Gel By Sephora

Sephora Collection makes a great brow gel for $12! This is perfect for those who have enough brows but just need a bit of color or filler to make those brows stand out! This product applies well and had been reliable for my sensitive skin. Pro Tip: For those who are new to brow basics- make sure you blot some of the gel before applying because there is lots of product to come out on one applicator! To find out more, check it out here!

Brow Tint By Ulta

Again, another big makeup brand company that debuts its own awesome budget friendly brow gel, this one being at the affordable price of $10. The same can be said for the Sephora product – this is an easy to use gel that has been great for my brows and sensitive skin. To find out more, check it out here!

Sketch And Set Brow Pencil and Tinted Gel By Tarte 

Tarte offers a two in one eyebrow product with gel on one end and pencil on the other- which makes this the perfect go-to item to use daily and easily transport for touch ups! If you want the full size- it will cost you slightly more than twenty but for those who want to try it out or do not require a ton of product to work into those brows- the mini sized is sold for only $14. The gel has proven to be long lasting- sweating thru those long workouts and still leaving with full brows. In addition to the long lasting effects of this product, it is easy to apply with the brow wand being short which leads to less excess gel and quick application! Lastly, Tarte is a brand that I have used throughout the years for foundation, creams and mascaras and all have been gentle on my sensitive skin which makes me an even bigger fan of this affordable brow product! To find out more, check it out here!