Introducing Just Dating!

Listen along as we take to the microphone to discuss all things pertaining to dating. From the adventures to misadventures and everything in between- think of us as your go-to single besties to discuss the realities of dating in the 2020’s!

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Just Dating What Photos Do We Use On Dating Apps?

Ever thought twice about the pictures you are using on your dating apps? Ever wondered what pictures your single friends use on their dating profile but are too afraid to ask and have to share your own? Well now you can find out as we sit down to finally share, discuss and for the first time tell each other what photos we post and what photos are a big no for us. Listen to find out the less obvious reasons for why we put any significance on our own dating app photos and the photos of the singles we are swiping thru to find out how you can use these tips to help your next swiping sesh!


Just Dating Just Dating In The Real World: Dating Apps

Introducing your new besties to discuss all things pertaining to dating! Maddie and Sara, co-founders of Just Living Blog, introduce themselves and get into discussing the reality of dating and being single in 2021. Listen to hear about the anxieties of dating apps, what dating apps they have found useful and why they are proponents of dating around.