Date Night and Everyday Perfume

March 21, 2021
Holding A Travel Size Oribe Perfume Bottle

National fragrance day is here, which gives us reason to blog about a part of our everyday routine and essentials- perfumes! If you’ve read our previous posts, you will know we are very fond of aromatherapy, with smells (the right ones, of course) having the ability to remind us of fond memories and thus being a very effective mood booster! We have blogged about it a few times, most recently with our Self Care Sunday Candle’s, and now we are here to share with y’all our version of everyday aromatherapy on the go– perfume! More specifically, we have turned to ditching the big bottles and gone straight for the travel sized, roll-ons, to ensure we have access at ease, storing these away in our purses for both everyday wear and evening wear/ date night occasions. Below you can find both of our top picks that we will be making sure to stock up on for for everyday and evening wear as things begin to become back to semi normal life over the next few months (hopefully)!

Our Fav Everyday Perfume

Farm + Sea Islander Roll On

Maddie’s Pick: This brand is the best when it comes to delivering the perfect blend of smells reminiscent of those that give you major beach vibes along with the country feel, hence the name! Any and all of these will make you feel at ease– but at the moment, I (maddie) am sporting the islander! This happens to also be the most budget friendly of these options but any fragrances from this collection will make you think you splurged on this high quality, lovely smelling brand! To find out more, visit Farm + Sea

Glossier You

Sara’s Pick: There’s a reason this was a 2018 winner for The Fragrance Foundation-it is the perfect scent for everyday wear. It’s sweet smell is just enough for women of all ages to appreciate, as you can see reflected in most of it’s reviews! To find out more, visit Glossier




Our Fav Date Night Perfume

Coco Mademoiselle

Sara’s Pick: Chanel offers amazing collection of scents all that deliver a luxurious, sophisticated smell to carry with you on your special night out, whether it be a fancy date night, special event, or anything else that requires you to put the leggings and jeans away and put on that new dress you’ve been waiting for some time now to pull out — this is that perfect option. To find out more, visit Chanel



Maddie’s Pick: This luxury hair care brand decided that it’s fragrances were so high in demand that they had to make a perfume- It smells that amazing! This, along with the rest of these are not budget friendly but I will say, swap in the roll on, and reserve this for special occasions and you will be very happy with this purchase and smell AMAZING! To find out more, visit Oribe