Beauty Tips For Face: Long Lasting Setting Sprays

May 27, 2021
It cosmetics setting spray bottle laying down on a table

We may have switched up our makeup routine and most of our products in the past few years to become more minimalist, opting for that natural no makeup makeup look, but when it comes to setting sprays we stay true to the products that we have been using for years.  These two products have never let us down throughout the years, keeping our makeup looking fresh for the day and our sensitive skin happy! It comes down to these two brands that we alternate in and out of wearing to provide that desired finished touch that allows our makeup to set all day:

It cosmetics

While Urban Decay has been with us two the longest, IT Cosmetics is right there when it comes to setting sprays that we can’t go without! This brand is a personal fav of mine (Maddie) as I have blogged about it in the past due to its SPF coverage and its sensitivity for my oily acne prone skin.

Holding the It cosmetics setting spray bottle

It may say sixteen hours- but based upon personal experience (from the occasional slept in makeup nights) this setting spray has outlasted that promise!

Aside from that though, they make an amazing setting spray that really does a great job at ensuring your makeup stays looking the same all night! I should be embarrassed to admit this but I’ve had a few recent nights of falling asleep in my makeup and while I fully anticipated a scary version of myself in the mirror that next morning, I was surprised to find that my makeup had not smeared much at all. I love that this one offers a more hydrating mist that to me gives more of a glowing look.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay All nighter really does lock your makeup in for an all-nighter. We know this because we used this brand all throughout college and it quite literally allowed us the same makeup look for those college all nighters and nights of crashing on a friend’s couch, forgetting to take off the makeup—the next day it was still there. Whether it was college nights out, clubbing way too late in Miami, or attending weddings, this all nighter setting spray has been the reliable setting spray we’ve used!