When it comes to makeup– highlighters, tinted moisturizers and concealers can do wonders for that final touch to make you shine just a little bit more. So whether you have a special occasion, need a little extra glow, or just purely enjoy that subtle sparkle for an everyday look- I am sharing my favorite brands to use for particular occasions and not only are these effective in doing so but they have also been good to my sensitive skin this far! So for those who are all about the subtle enhancement that makeup can give, much like we are with our natural beauty tips, then read on for these brands that make fabulous products that will help achieve that glow!

Consider These Brands For Powder Highlighters:

Laura Mercier Glow Finish

Best For: Those who appreciate the extra all over glow for a final touch with this setting powder!

This is one that I make sure to apply with accuracy and only with a good setting powder brush to make sure I do not overdo it as I can imagine too much of this would become a little too apparent but regardless this has been great for my sensitive skin, great at setting my makeup, and when applied well this gives you that final touch to really make your skin shine through in the best way! I have gotten the most compliments on how my skin has looked very clear while wearing this glowing powder!

Natasha Denona Super Glow Highlighter

Best For: Special Occasions that call for extra glow!

This is a brand that I tried out due to its convenient location right at the end of the checkout line at  Sephora and have been impressed with since purchasing. While the sparkle may be a bit much for some who are opposed to too much shimmer–  for those who like the sparkle and occasional highlighter to really draw attention to certain features, especially on special occasions, then this is a great brand to use!

Benefit Cosmetics Blush and Highlighters

Best For: Everyday Modest Enhanced Glow

Between the blush and highlighters I am a huge fan of benefit cosmetics! For those who want an everyday very modest minimal amount of shimmer and shine – using one of their blushes is the perfect way to add glow in the most minimal way! As for the highlighters- they have proven to be great for a sophisticated glow and enhancing features without being too obvious. Additionally, I love these because no matter which ones I have tried out my face has not endured any unwanted breakout so personally I have been happy with this product for my sensitive skin!

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