After having reviewed our favorite brands for powder highlighters– we felt it was only right to give y’all the full range of products that can be used to achieve that subtly enhanced facial glow. While we love a good powder highlighter, there are times where we want a less drying product to give that glowing, super hydrated look and that is when we turn to a liquid based and creamy highlighter to achieve that look for the day! For those who are looking to change up their makeup routine or try a new product out- consider checking out these liquid and cream based products.  From cc creams, sun protection, to cheek sets – we’ve got you covered with a wide range of products to consider choosing from!

Best Liquid Products To Highlight The Face and Glow: 

It cosmetics CC+ Cream Illumination

Best For: Those wanting an everyday base coverage with a subtle glow.

As mentioned in our post for the best sunscreen for oily skin this is a favorite product to use on the daily! Not only does is double as being my foundation and sunscreen but this particular product is tinted with a glow making it my absolute favorite product and must have! This has been great on my acne prone skin too. It adds just enough of a glow that in the sunlight you can notice a subtle sparkle well blended in but not apparent enough for you or others to wonder if you its too much! Its the perfect everyday glow in my personal opinion.

Supergoop! Glowscreen 

Best For: Those wanting a glow and protect their skin without makeup.

I (Maddie here) am a BIG fan of supergoop! and all of their products and this is one that I can refer to for that glowing but truly no makeup look! This product is by no means a tinted moisturizer that will mask your skin but rather it is a clear sunscreen with a very subtle illuminator. So for those who want to stay away from heavy makeup and not have to take the time in diligently and evenly apply a foundation or a cc cream – this is the product for you! This truly applies like a clear unseen sunscreen but leaves a shine that those who want a natural looking glow will love! Plus this has been great for me and my sensitive skin so far which makes me an even bigger fan of this SPF 40 to keep my face shielded!

Benefit Watts Up

Best For: Those wanting to highlight certain features.

This cream to powder is one of the cooler highlighters and makeup products that I have tried! I love Benefit and they have not let me down as of yet with their highlighters and this latest addition to my makeup products lived up to the high expectations I had from using all of their powder highlighters. For those who prefer a highlighter that isn’t purely powder then this is a great alternative and can be blended in well.

Rare Beauty Liquid Luminizer

Best For: Those Wanting To Enhance Certain Features.

We may be Selena Gomez fans so it could be a bit biased but we will say that this is a brand that we have been hearing so many people raving about, especially from beauty bloggers and makeup stylists. One of those products to consider: the liquid luminizer. This products is easy to apply to whatever features you are wanting to enhance and can be applied to your face despite whatever makeup or lack thereof that is on your skin.  There are so many shades and options to choose in this liquid luminizer too.

Lune + Aster Creamy Cheek Duo

Best For: Those wanting to enhance their cheeks.

As mentioned in our sensitive skin primer post– Lune + Aster is a beloved brand! Not only does this brand go above and beyond when delivering you a hydrated, prepped and ready to go skin primer but they also do with this two in one cheek set! Like the Benefit highlighter this is a creamy product but unlike benefit, it stays that creamy texture which can be appealing to those who feel like powders can dry up their face. With this brand – I rarely feel like my skin could ever feel dry even long after applying makeup because  whatever they put into these products it feels like a surge of hydration that gets locked into the skin. What I also love about this creamy product is the convenience of it- the two in one is easy to carry with you and reapply on the go!

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