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Fun Salad Recipes: Basic Lime Vinaigrette

maddieshieldsRecipes|2022-06-06T18:42:31-04:00August 31, 2021|

For those of you who missed it- we shared what is probably our all time favorite fun salad recipe: Chicken, Cilantro, Corn and Chipotle Ranch Salad. While the main ingredient is the chipotle ranch dressing- we have tried out substitutes for lighter dressings and have found one in particular that

Fourth of July Summer Salad

maddieshieldsRecipes|2022-06-30T16:36:37-04:00July 4, 2022|

With Fourth of July approaching, it is time to get all the red, white and blue recipe inspo for the celebrations to come in the next week! The Fourth is one of my favorite holidays because it usually involves lots of family time, cookouts, parades, bonfires and of course delish

Caprese Salad With Cherry Tomatoes

maddieshieldsRecipes|2022-06-06T18:21:08-04:00April 17, 2022|

Looking for a fresh salad to go along with your main dish this spring/summer?! Try out this delish Caprese salad with cherry tomatoes! Caprese salads usually include tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. This is a tossed caprese salad with a few additional items added to make a fresh well rounded

An Easy Avocado Salad Recipe

justlivingblogRecipes|2022-06-06T18:24:38-04:00April 9, 2022|

Ever have one of those days  where you just need to eat something fresh but lack the time or patience to put together a fancy meal?! Well, that's where fun easy salad recipes come in handy. Lately, I've been craving avocados like no other and the best way to satisfy

Fun Easy Chopped Mango Salad

maddieshieldsRecipes|2022-06-06T18:25:56-04:00March 17, 2022|

If you like fun easy salad recipes you can throw together in no time, then you are in the right place! I am sharing with y'all a super easy chopped salad that you can make this spring and summer for something light and tasteful! Who doesn't love mango?! Especially with

A Fun Easy Mango And Rice Salad

justlivingblogRecipes|2022-06-06T18:26:32-04:00February 26, 2022|

I don't know about y'all but after Valentine's Day, I have been thinking about ideas for more fun date nights in and more specifically fun date night salads to make to go along with whatever game or movie comes after a delish meal. We have broached this topic in the